Eat Well. Move Well. Think Well.


These are the 3 major pillars of health and our goal is to highlight each of these areas in a way that speaks to children.  Awesome Kids Day aims to provide encouragement in each area in a FUN way!  We have stations that encourage healthy food choices and bring exposure to businesses in Burien who provide great meal options for busy families.  There are stations to promote moving the body frequently and joyfully through jumping, bouncing, balancing and dancing.  We also aim to provide opportunities to promote healthy minds through reading, sensory play, artistic expression and the practice of gratitude.



Building a Stronger Community


When we see children struggling around us it is natural to ask how we can help and to be frustrated when we don’t see a way.  But because strong community is one of the things that helps kids to thrive, we all CAN play a role in shaping their lives and providing help and hope.  A strong Burien provides an environment from which strong kids emerge.  Our business leaders of Burien can do so much to raise up our community.  Your business can host a high school intern, contribute your time, talents and treasures to the schools, teach a free class, or participate in fun free events for kids.  Discover Burien funds Boo In Burien for this purpose.   The Burien Fire Department puts on a kids’ day aimed at teaching kids about safety and disaster preparedness.  Collins Chiropractic is proud to partner with the Burien Parks and Recreation Department to put on Burien’s Awesome Kids Day to fulfill our mission: Raising the level of health in our community, one life at a time.

Encouraging Volunteerism


It takes a tremendous number of volunteers to put on a day that serves over 1200 people and keeps the activites free so all families are able to attend and no child is left out of the fun.  Awesome Kids Day has an AMAZING core of volunteers. 


We are grateful for those that volunteer of their time and talents, not only because it makes this day possible, but because it shows young kids that there are teenagers and adults all over Burien who care deeply about them and want to encourage their well-being.  We hope that when kids see people serving them and the community with selflessness and a smile, that it will build their level of pride in their commmunity and translate to increased citizenship and a desire to seek out ways they too can serve.  Together we can build a legacy of citizenship in Burien.

Our Mission

We believe that kids were born not just to survive but to THRIVE!  We know that for kids to thrive we need to provide them with some basics.  They need outstanding nutrition, access to books, places to play as they build fine and gross motor skills, emotional nurturing, friendships, access to education, outstanding physical health, and strong community. 


Awesome Kids Day is a day for us to celebrate the naturally healthy and joyful state of the children in our community and encourage them to live their lives with health, gratitude and joy. Watch our video to learn more!

“The best and most efficient pharmacy is within your own system.”  

                                             ~Robert C. Peale